20 Oct

04:20-5:35 CET | THEMATIC DEEP DIVE: Regional priorities in agricultural finance in Latin America


What are the current priorities for financial institutions serving agri-SMEs in Latin America and the Caribbean? In this session, SAFIN partners and guest speakers from regional institutions will share their views in a roundtable.


  • Frank Rubio, Senior Technical Specialist, ABC Fund, IFAD


  • Romy Calderón, Head, Economic Studies and Information Program, Latin American Association of Development Financing Institutions (ALIDE)

  • Yuri Soares Dillon, Unit Chief, Strategy and Impact, IDB Lab

  • Ricardo Rozemberg, Chief Representative for the South Cone, GDP Global

  • Gloria Roman, Manager, PRORURAL, Junta Agroempresarial Dominicana (JAD)

  • Pedro Diaz, Director General Adjunto de Promoción de Negocios, Fideicomisos Instituidos en Relación con la Agricultura (FIRA)

This session will be held in Spanish.

02:30-4:00pm CET | THEMATIC PANEL: Technology as an enabler of strategic innovations in agri-SME finance: perspectives from Asia and Latin America


In this cross-regional learning session, speakers will reflect on the areas of application of technology in agri-SME finance with the highest impact potential, with a focus on digital technology. Use case examples will include the use of digital solutions in supply chain management, risk management, and the delivery of finance. This session is open to guest participants.


  • Michael Hamp, Lead Regional Technical Specialist, Rural Finance, Markets and Value Chains, IFAD


  • Albert Boogaard, Head of Innovation, Rabobank Foundation

  • Federico Bilder, Co-founder, A2F Solutions Ltd

  • Yuri Soares Dillon, Unit Chief, Strategy and Impact, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB Lab)

  • Prasun Das, Secretary General, Asia-Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (APRACA)

04:20-5:35pm CET | THEMATIC DEEP DIVE: Innovative approaches to blended finance in agriculture: the experience of Fundación Capital in Paraguay


The Social Trust Fund for Chamomile Production is a blended finance initiative led by Fundación Capital together with partners, which was documented for the SAFIN-OECD blended finance deep dive in 2019-2020. This session will explore the design, implementation, and lessons learned from this initiative, as well as lessons from other experiences leveraging blended finance for technology innovation and the inclusion of smallholder farmers in agricultural markets in Paraguay.

Session lead

  • Cristina Heisecke, Project Manager, Fundación Capital


  • Allyson Quijano, Chief Sustainability Officer, Bext360

  • Ud Shani, International Sales Manager, SupPlant

  • Jose Gomez, Project Coordinator, Fundación Capital

05:35-6:00pm CET | NETWORK CAFÉ: Scheduled one-on-one meetings


This time slot is reserved for scheduled bilateral meetings among SAFIN partners. Participants are encouraged to update their profiles and reach out to partners of interest well in advance.

05:35-6:00pm CET | EXHIBITION HALL

About The Exhibition Hall will feature new programmes, research, or initiatives led by SAFIN partners.

19 Oct

03:20-4:35pm CET | NETWORK DESIGN SESSION: Industry convenings and strategic dialogue (SAFIN 2.0 Focus areas 1 and 3)


This is the first of four group brainstorming and design sessions around the five focus areas that the network will tackle in 2021-25. Each session will recall the objective and form of each focus area. Partners will then work together on possible activity lines, measures of success, and the composition of focus area working groups. This first session will discuss how the network can strengthen its role as an industry convener and as a facilitator of strategic learning and knowledge sharing.


  • Dan Zook, Executive Director, ISF Advisors

04:35-5:00pm CET | NETWORK CAFÉ: Roulette-style

About The Café will have a roulette-style networking format, enabling participants to have 5-minute conversations with others.

03:20-4:35pm CET | NETWORK DESIGN SESSION: Bringing an agri-SME finance focus to country-led investor convenings (SAFIN 2.0 Focus area 4)


This session will address how network partners can add value to existing forums for the alignment of public and private investments in agriculture and food system transformation, by facilitating the identification of agri-SME-specific investment opportunities and financial solutions to realize them.


  • Atsuko Toda, Director of Agricultural Finance and Rural Development, African Development Bank (AfDB)


Introduction and brief overview of the SAFIN pilot phase

  • SAFIN Steering Committee representative

  • Bettina Prato, Senior Coordinator, SAFIN

Reflecting on the past months: How has COVID-19 changed the landscape of agri-SME finance?

The past few months have changed the landscape of agri-SME finance in different ways, with various impacts on many thousands of SMEs, investors, and financial service providers. How have these months changed how SAFIN partners see the sector? Has our way of working changed, and if so, how? In this facilitated conversation, several partners will share their experiences and reflections, and consider implications for the next phase in the network journey.


  • Ayodeji Balogun, CEO, AFEX Commodities Exchange Limited Nigeria

Featured partners

  • Brian Milder, Co-Founder & Director, Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance (CSAF), and Founder & CEO, ACELI Africa

  • Luca Torre, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, GAWA Capital

  • Songbae Lee, Agricultural Finance Lead, Bureau for Resilience and Food Security, USAID

  • Katell Segalen, Project Manager, Federación de Cooperativas Agrícolas de Productores de Café de Guatemala (FEDECOCAGUA) (TBC)

  • Hedwig Siewertsen, Head of Inclusive Finance, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)

  • Amanda Fernandez, Director of Economic Growth, Palladium

Introducing the transition to SAFIN 2.0

  • Bettina Prato, Senior Coordinator, SAFIN

23 Oct

02:00-3:15pm CET | NETWORK DESIGN SESSION: Designing a technology-enabled mapping tool to track innovative efforts in agri-SME finance (SAFIN 2.0 Focus area 2)


In this third design session, partners will work on the possible form of a technology-enabled tool to track high-potential impact innovations in agri-SME finance championed by partners, with a view to facilitating collaborations that may increase impact around such innovations.


  • Yuri Soares, Unit Chief, Strategy and Impact, IDB Lab

02:00-3:15pm CET | NETWORK DESIGN SESSION: Mobilizing finance and designing or supporting new financing instruments (SAFIN 2.0 Focus area 5)


This session will focus on how to design a function of collaborative development of, or coordinated support to, innovative financial instruments addressing key emerging issues in agri-SME finance – including COVID-19 response, climate mitigation and, adaptation, and nutrition, among others.


  • Terry Wyer, Senior Vice President, Investment Programs, Heifer International

03:35-5:40pm CET | CLOSING SESSION: Building a stronger network


This session will guide partners through a facilitated conversation around the stronger – more cohesive, more decentralized, more effective - network that we want to build together. The first part of the session will recall the main stages of the development of networks and introduce the results of a recent network health survey and social network analysis exercise. The second part will guide partners through a collective reflection on selected challenges or opportunities emerging from the survey and analysis. The third part of the session will provide space for partners’ feedback about this first virtual plenary experience.


  • Liz Wilson, Senior Executive, Small Foundation

  • Bettina Prato, Senior Coordinator, SAFIN

21 Oct

12:00-1:30pm CET | THEMATIC PANEL: Farmers’ organizations and agricultural finance: comparing experiences and learning from Asia and Africa


In this session, representatives from farmers’ organizations in Asia and Africa and some of their technical and development partners will discuss recent initiatives designed to strengthen the role of these organizations in facilitating agri-finance flows. The session is open to guest participants.

  • Matthew Brooke, Policy Officer, European Commission

  • Jose “Jojo” Romeo Ebron, Cooperative Development Program Manager, Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development (AFA)

  • Ayodeji Balogun, CEO, AFEX Commodities Exchange Limited Nigeria

  • Norbert Tuyishime, Program Officer, East Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF)

  • Hannelore Beerlandt, CEO, AgriCord, and President, Board of Enabel

  • Arindom Datta, Executive Director, Rural & Development Banking/Advisory, Rabobank

01:45-3:00pm CET | AD-HOC CONSULTATION: Consultation on the outcome document of the Finance in Common Summit Agriculture Cluster


Ahead of the Finance in Common Summit that France will convene in November 2020, IFAD has been working with a group of public development banks with portfolios in food and agriculture to develop a joint statement and design a forum for shared learning and coordination. The consultation will allow SAFIN partners to provide feedback on the draft outcome statement under preparation by the cluster.

03:15-4:30pm CET | AD-HOC CONSULTATION: Consultation on a draft SAFIN-Convergence report on achieving scale in blended finance in the agri-SME space


Building on analytical work conducted by the SAFIN network and by several network partners, a collaboration with the blended finance network Convergence was initiated in September to produce an action-oriented report on how to achieve scale both in mobilizing capital and in achieving development impact in this sector. The session will enable SAFIN partners and invited guests to discuss initial findings and recommendations.

22 Oct

01:30-3:00pm CET | THEMATIC PANEL: Innovations in agri-SME technical assistance in Africa


Achieving sustainability (including financial sustainability) and scale is a strategic challenge in the domain of technical assistance to agri-SMEs. In this session, SAFIN partners and guest experts will share their experiences and perspectives about what approaches and business models hold the greatest promise in terms of sustainability and scalability. Particular focus will be placed on innovative approaches and initiatives currently being rolled out across the African continent.


  • Hedwig Siewertsen, Head Inclusive Finance, AGRA


  • Abigail Thomson, Team Lead, CASA Technical Assistance Facility, TechnoServe

  • Mónica Mariño, Project Officer, Social Finance and Impact Investing, International Labour Organization (ILO)

  • Marise Blom, COO, SCOPEinsight

  • Geoffrey K. Musyoki, Investment Officer-Agriculture, Oikocredit International

  • Milton Lore, Team Leader, Mastercard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity

  • Hannah Ratcliffe, Director, Enterprise Development Team, AgDevCo

03:20-4:35pm CET | THEMATIC DEEP DIVE: Public-private partnerships for agricultural investment


How to convene and align private investors, government, and development partners around a clear set of investible priorities? This session will look at the experience of Grow Africa in this regard, building inter alia on recent achievements around the 2020 African Green Revolution Forum.


  • Mr. Kebba Colley, Director Inclusive Business Development, IDH-Sustainable Trade Initiative


  • Ibrahim Gourouza, COO, Grow Africa

  • Zeina Mouawad, Senior Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation (IFC)

  • Augustin Wambo Yamdjeu, Principal Programme Officer, CAAPD, Environmental Sustainability Programme, African Union Development Agency – NEPAD

  • Lloyd Le Page, Senior Adviser for AgriFood Investment, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

  • Sarata Kone, Managing Director/CEO, United Bank for Africa (UBA) Cote d’Ivoire

  • Babajide Sodipo, Senior Manager, Export Development Advisory, African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank)

  • Edward Katende, CEO, Uganda Agribusiness Alliance

04:35-5:00pm CET | NETWORK CAFÉ: Scheduled one-on-one meetings

About This slot will be reserved for scheduled bilateral meetings among SAFIN partners. Participants are encouraged to update their profiles and reach out to partners of interest well in advance.

03:20-4:35pm CET | THEMATIC DEEP DIVE: Alternatives to collateral in agricultural lending


This session will explore alternatives to the use of collateral as well as interest-free lending in agricultural finance (including Islamic Finance), with a focus on exploring potential and practical applications and on sharing lessons and key success factors from experience.


  • Azeta Cungu, Policy Officer, Economist, FAO


  • John Amimo, Programme Coordinator, African Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (AFRACA)

  • Elkhidir Mohammed, Managing Director, AL-Fal Microfinance Company

  • Lone Felix, Project Manager (IPIT), ENABLE Youth Kenya, Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC)

  • Akinyinka D. Akintunde, Business Development Manager, AFEX Commodities Exchange Limited Nigeria

04:35-5:00pm CET | EXHIBITION HALL


The Exhibition Hall is designed to allow participants to learn about new programmes, research, or initiatives led by SAFIN partners. On Thursday, the Hall will feature live exhibition booths where SAFIN partners will be available to interact with participants.