The Smallholder and Agri-SME Finance and Investment Network is the only global multi-stakeholder network with a focus on access to finance by small and medium-sized enterprises in agricultural supply chains – or agri-SMEs. The network provides space for different institutions in this domain to learn from each other, address strategic knowledge gaps and identify opportunities to work together on transformative initiatives in agri-SME finance. 

SAFIN partners share a vision of inclusive and effective agri-SME finance ecosystems, consisting in
more inclusive, effective, and better-connected financial and non-financial institutions and initiatives
across the demand and supply sides of finance. Achieving this vision is critical to empower hundreds of
millions of SMEs and the small-scale farmers they work with to realize the promise of the 2030 Agenda.
Better functioning financial ecosystems in the sector are key to nurture entrepreneurship and create
quality jobs, helping to eradicate poverty and foster inclusive prosperity. They are also essential to sustain
investment in sustainable food systems, which can deliver on the eradication of hunger, nutrition,
and resilience to climate change.

SAFIN Annual Plenary Meetings

SAFIN plenary meetings are the annual high point for our network, offering time and space for SAFIN partners to share information about new projects and plans, pitch new initiatives to each other, discuss new research and reflect on the current state and future of the network. They are also an opportunity to engage with and build relationships with other institutions operating in the agri-finance ecosystem.

The 4th SAFIN Annual Plenary Meeting will take place virtually this year, against the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis. The virtual format will remain as lively as our in-person meetings, providing ample space for collective learning, one-on-one networking opportunities and exhibition booths to showcase new initiatives from across the agri-finance landscape.

As the SAFIN pilot phase (2018-2020) comes to a close, the Plenary 2020 is an opportune time for our partners to collectively reflect on the journey traveled and the road ahead. To this end, design sessions for SAFIN 2.0 action areas and discussions on network health and dynamics will be integrated into the programme.

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